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Volunteer Policies

Well Fed Community Garden Volunteer Policies

All volunteers MUST have a signed waiver form prior to volunteering. Children under 18 must have a waiver filled out by a parent or guardian.


What to wear:

Please dress appropriately for farm work in clothing you don’t mind getting dirty.
Wear close-toed shoes. NO FLIP-FLOPS are allowed.


What to bring:

A personal water bottle, hat, sunscreen, and gloves are recommended.
The Well Fed Garden does not provide gloves.


What you'll do:

Farming is hard work. Workdays typically include light to medium physical labor, including lifting and carrying up to 20lbs, raking, weeding, mulching, and turning compost.


Stop for a water break and a rest whenever you need one! It’s very important to stay hydrated and comfortable.



Hand washing at the garden is very important. Please wash your hands before handling any consumable plants and after you handle the chickens.



The Well Fed Community Garden is not responsible for your personal belongings.
No pets are allowed in the garden.
If you are sick, please stay home and get better!
No alcohol or firearms are allowed on the WFCG property.



Volunteer work at the garden is subject to weather conditions.


Rain/Thunder/Lightning: Rain before or during scheduled volunteer times may force the cancellation of the workday. If there is thunder and lightning, WFCG policy requires volunteers to return to their vehicles at the first sound of nearby thunder and remain in their vehicles until 30 minutes after the last thunder event. In the case of a heavy downpour, work will be canceled.


Heat: If there is a “heat advisory,” farm work will continue, but volunteers may want to consider rescheduling their work. If a “heat warning” is forecast, volunteer activities will be canceled.


Cold: If the daytime temperature is forecast to be less than 45 degrees, volunteer activities will be canceled.


Each volunteer should decide whether to work on a given day based on their personal limitations and comfort level.

Thank you for your interest in The Well Fed Community Garden! Hope to see you soon!

The Well Fed Community Garden

1321 athens drive, raleigh, nc

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