Welcome to the Well Fed Community Garden


Two Local Farms Team Up to Provide a Bounty of Nourishing Options to the Community!

Sweet Peas Urban Gardens is now located at The Well Fed Community Garden!

Here at 1321 Athens Drive, we host many opportunities to connect folks of all ages with how food is grown – Volunteering, Workshops, Farm Dinners and more.

The ‘Garden’s produce’ is served at Irregardless Cafe.


Bringing Community to the Table with Healing Models for Living
Everyone is welcome to ‘Enter the Garden’!


Our Mission

The Well Fed Community Garden WFCG welcomes the community to reconnect with Mother Nature – our nourishing ecosystem. It is a multi-faceted, financially sustainable model of urban agriculture which grows organic produce for the Irregardless Cafe, as well as donating 20% of its bounty to volunteers and neighbors. The WFCG invites everyone to ‘Enter the Garden’ as they are able.

The Well Fed Community Garden

1321 athens drive, raleigh, nc